this is how my tb 303 looks like...
it's not fully up to date (it has more switches now)

the new v2.0 prototype... hopefully the final;)

it's an early picture of the not fully soldered pcb...
just to see if it is working...
as you can see the pcb is now directly placed at the old cpu's place and it's alot smaller

pictures of the v1.0 version

the v1.0 prototype... hopefully the final (no it wasn't the final ;))

the v1.0 pcbs...

tb 303 with lcd:

this was a pcb test... an early state of the current v1.2 ultra303 prototype... to test if i can handle that track and via width here at home

a hard decision

the early state of tb 303 prototype...

first check if the new tb 303 prototype will fit into the tb 303:

old picture of my tb...i hope your tb never looks like this ;)

this is how you sync your tb in the sequencer... by holding down a note and it replays the pattern

the current state of my selfmade pcb's...:

as you can see i'm a bit 303 mad ;)

the ml-303 pcb... just finished the plate to plate connexions:

ml 303 soldering job ;)

the complety finished ml 303 sequencer pcb 1:

the complety finished ml 303 sequencer pcb 2:

close up to the first test pcb with midi:

the old pcb plugged to the tb 303:

the lcd display:

Note Editor:

Time Editor:

old cpu of the 303:

online editor for the internal sequences via midi....you can edit read and copy your sequences during the 303 is playing your pattern:

a part of the sequencer source:

this is paula print... she looks always a bit critically...

logic analyzer connected to the tb 303:

original signals for a note slide:

original signals for two notes:

well this has not much todo with the project...my favourite beer...just to show you:

the guy behind the project...as you can see i'm looking very competent ;)