what is it all about ?

ultra303 is a cpu replacement project for the roland tb 303 synth...
which means the old cpu is desoldered and replaced by a new one... a cpu replacement adds new features to your tb 303 and makes things easier to handle it and beside this it turns your tb 303 into a state of the art synth.
the new firmware has still an internal sequencer with the "same" behavoir but with 240*64 graphic lcd, 10 line drum machine, 2 oscillators (4 lfos, 4 envs, ringmod. fm and so on), patches, midi implementation, saving, reading and editing your patterns via a midi interface on pc.
of course the firmware is realtime editing...means you don't need to stop the pattern replay during editing.

by the way...maybe you are also interested in my chord and harmonic theory programm ultrachord
or have a look to my sharc synth project page (very outdated ;) )

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