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05:55:17 (GMT 0)

ultra ( from kiel )

hi acheron...

hm odd the video links are working fine from my browser...
i'll have a closer look later with different browsers...

thanks for the info



20:15:34 (GMT 0)

acheron ( from canada )

The video links are broken

Great to see the project is alive again, though The display looks very impressive! Can't wait to see the sequencer in action.



20:55:33 (GMT 0)

ultra ( from kiel )

hi christian,

no ... unfortunately it's not possible to read out the PD650C... the programm code is not reachable from outside...

i guess you have to code your own sequencer... but well the sequence isn't very hard to code...

good luck



2012-03-13 16:16:50 (GMT 0)

SubStyler ( from Göttingen, Germany )

is it also possible to read out the µPD650C from my TR-606 and transfer it to an Atmel chip??

I'm currently working on a TR-808/TR-606 analog drumcomputer clone and it would be nice to clone the sequencer of the 606



2012-03-07 06:34:39 (GMT 0)

ultra ( from kiel )

oki added you



2012-03-07 00:18:10 (GMT 0)

kroutshev ( from France )

i'm very interested by your project. If there's a waiting list, let me know.
Good stuff Man, see ya later !



2011-10-19 11:39:09 (GMT 0)

Eric ( from France )

Hello Ulli, it has been a long time since I had not visited your website.

I am happy to read that you are still working on the projects, as I have been following you for years !

Please please continue your work !

See you,



2011-05-11 07:43:28 (GMT 0)

31337 ( from canada )

ultra, that sounds great! i can't wait to see what news you have and patiently waiting until a potential release in the future




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