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12:33:00 (GMT 0)

ultra ( from kiel )

hi edo...
i never used midi 303. i have my own midi implementation...
sorry i can't help here...




18:51:49 (GMT 0)

Edo ( from Italy )


i wrote you because i got a TB303 with Midi 303 Mode.

But it is not working.

I saw in you diary you worked with that mod.

Please, do you have a copy of the Schematics or material about it?

Theyr site is down, and my technician need the Schem!

Help would be really apreciated!

Regards from Italy!




2012-08-25 06:32:41 (GMT 0)

ultra ( from kiel )

hm sorry i have no idea where to find tbe latest ml 303 firmware version...



10:48:51 (GMT 0)

Kruno ( from London )

Excellent work!
Could you please point me to the latest firmware version of ML-303 or send me one for the unit without the display which I bought recently.
Thank you and best regards from London,



06:41:10 (GMT 0)

ultra ( from kiel )

hm i tried now different browsers all links are working fine here...




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