for questions please have a look to this faq:

q: is there a waiting list. and can you put me on it ? and can you write me a mail when it's finished ?
a: yes there is a waiting list. sure i can put you on it. just drop me a mail.

q: can you tell my a waitinglist number ?
a: i can't tell you a number because i will not sell it in the same order i've got the waitinglist request... because of beta testers and stuff scroll down a bit .

q: how much will it cost in the end ?
a: at the moment i don't know. it's not finished yet later when it's finished i will think about a price.

q: can you tell me the release date ?
a: at the moment no. ultra303 is a project beside my real job. so i can't not work every day on it ;) sure it's already useable... some things are missing (ok not very important things though) but i want to have a beta tester phase before the release with people who are using the 303 very often. after the beta tester phase i will sell it to a few people for a second test...if this is successful i will release it to everyone...this is just to reduce support stuff... i mean i don't want to release crap ;)

q: why don't you continue ultra303 ? the last update is more than a month ago.. ? is it discontinued ?
a: no it isn't. i just do project switches from time to time to keep up motivation. or to find solutions for problems... just wait and see ;)

q: i'm a very poor student. will you release the firmware and schematics for free?
a: no. ultra303 is no do it yourself project. to create this was real work. i invested too much time and money into this project so i will not give it away for free.

q: can i build in ultra303 for myself ?
a: no.

q: i'm a soldering king...can i build it in for myself ?
a: no. ;)

q: can i get the source code for ultra303 ?
a: no.

q: i'm working on a 303 clone. are you interested to help me ? maybe to create the firmware ?
a: i'm sorry no.

q: can i have your telephonenumber.
a: guess what...;)

q: can i ask you some questions when my tb 303 don't work anymore ?
a: you can try...if it gets too much i will not answer these questions anymore. sometime i have the feeling everyone sends me a mail who has a broken tb 303 ;) sure it's interesting but if one person sends one mail after another mail i'm not motivated anymore to answer.

q: my tb 303 is broken can you repair it ?
a: i guess i could repair it. but i'm not very motivated to repair 303's...ok maybe my own but others not... if your tb 303 needs to be repaired i can redirect you to someone who can and will.

q: a bit offtopic... are there any ml 303 v5 or v6 pcbs left ?
a: so far i know not.

q: i have a 303 with midi can i still use midi in my 303 after installation of ultra303?
a: yes you can. so far i can't see why it shouldn't work. but you don't need an additional midi. ultra303 has its own midi implementation.

q: i don't want to have the lcd inside my tb 303 esp. i don't want to drill any hole on the upperside of my 303. is it possible to place the lcd outside ?
a: yes this is possible.

q: can i have a different color for the lcd display ?
a: at the moment not. i only use this type of lcd because it fits perfectly into the 303. and this display is only available in green

q: is it possible to add ultra303 to a devil fish mod ?
a: theoretical it would be possible... but i guess it will not work in pratise. i mean i really have problems to fit ultra303 lcd and pcb into the 303 case... and dw will need it's own place inside the 303 so i guess with the original case it will not fit... so it's more a problem of the place inside than a problem from technical side.

q: can i get the ultra303 switchboard for the ml 303 ?
a: no. this is not for sale.

q: will you offer other mods and replacements for the tb 303 ?
a: yes i will... such as led exchanges or some other standard mods. and some more advanced mods beside from ultra303

q: can i get a beta tester ?
a: i will select some when the project gets into a final state. but the beta testers should be placed in germany.

q: is it possible to uninstall ultra303 ?
a: yes this is possible. after the cpu is desoldered i will solder in a socket. so you can plug in the old cpu.

q: do you have original 303 cpus for sale ?
a: nope. that one i desoldered from my 303 i need for my second 303... as a reference 303 with original sequencer

q: can you convert the old patterns from the 303 into ultra303?
a: no after the installation of ultra303 the patterns are lost. ok theoretical it would be possible but really time consuming. sorry you need to write your patterns down.